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Lyric Boards

the creative process

Loving Couple
Favorite Photo

Picture Perfect

When choosing your favorite photo:

1. Look for one that has a bit of a background. 

2. *You must own the rights to your image.*

3. You will be contacted via email after submitting your order, respond to that email with your highest resolution image.

Music Performer
Favorite Song

Lyrical Masterpiece

Bring that favorite memory back to life - this part is up to you:

1. Your favorite song, first dance, wedding song, etc.

2. Showcase your wedding vows.

3. Incorporate handwriting or a personalized message. 

Wooden Pieces
Favorite Finish


Lyric Boards are available in a variety of size and finishes to meet any budget including:

1. Gallery Wrapped Canvas

2. High Quality Photo Print

3. Wood Hanger

4. Metal Plaque

5. Digital Print

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