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Brand Personality:
a way in which a customer can relate.

Do you know your business brand personality? 

As in, the thing that makes you stand out from the crowd? That one extra-sexy element that makes you irresistible to your dream clients and customers, and turns them into raving fans?

If the answer is "No", or "I Don't Know" take the quiz below and be the judge of your own brand.

If you want to sharpen your brand's edge, figure out the next evolution, or uncover the stories you want to be telling and selling to your audience - I can help give your business a makeover that will have everyone in your community talking about.

Branding Essential Quiz

This quiz is easy​.. give yourself 1 point for every question you have an answer for.

Add it up and see where your brand is below!

  1.  A Brand Mission: I have a mission that clearly states my purpose.

  2.  A Brand Promise: I deliver a promise to my customers beyond the product or service I sell.

  3.  A Brand Personality: I deliver my brand to customers with a clearly defined personality.

  4.  A Brand Tagline: I communicate a tagline that communicates my brand promise & personality in a sticky way

  5.  A Brand Logo: I have a logo that is technically correct: Words, Icon & Color.

  6.  A Brand Experience: Customers experience my brand promise & personality when they do business with me.

  7.  Hiring New Brand Employees: I have defined hiring criteria & employees who can deliver my brand promise & personality.

  8.  Brand Training: I have a document that outline my brand & teaches employees how to deliver the brand.

  9.  Being A Legitimate Brand: I am the leader of my brand & deliver the brand that I ask my employees to deliver.


       How did you do?


1       You don’t have anything close to a brand & you need to start from scratch

1-3    Your brand is on life support & needs a lot of help. But, you have a good start.

4-6    You have a foundation of a strong brand that just needs a little more work.

7-8    You have a great brand… probably a market leader. You may need one little tweak.            

All 9   Congratulations! You have awesome brand that inspires customer loyalty.

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